Thank you for your interest in NVASA! Below is some information about our league:

- $75 (D2/D3/D4/Men's) *8 games* / $85 (D1/D5) *10 games* / $95 (Masters) *12 games* 
- For each additional team there is a $5 discount

Whether registering individually or with the team fee option...

1) Members of NVASA pay $21 dollars each spring for a yearly membership with Metro DC-Virginia Soccer Association (MDCVSA), our state association. This membership covers two seasons (spring and fall), must be renewed annually, and provides important insurance to our league and players.

MDCVSA provides liability insurance, which covers up to $2 million in damages for NVASA. Additionally, MDCVSA provides secondary medical insurance to uninsured and under insured players, with a $500 deductible and a $15,000 maximum. The majority of the membership fee goes to providing important medical coverage in case of an injury, but also provides general liability insurance for the league, supports the state referee program to help us provide top referees, and provides the ability to play in affiliated tournaments like the Commonwealth Classic and Neptune Soccer Classic each year. If you have other additional questions regarding MDCVSA, please check out their site (http://www.mdcvsasoccer.org).

2) If a player uses a non-Fairfax County address during registration, they will be required to pay $30 per team. Please note that this is a county fee, not a league fee, and all other leagues who use Fairfax County fields require players to pay the same fee.

All members of NVASA who are currently registered for a team are allowed to be a subtitute player up to three (3) times for teams not in a division in which they have registered for or have previously subbed for. These substitutions are free.

Players may purchase a Game Pass for $10 to play with a team for one game. There is no limit to the number of Game Passes a player may purchase.

Our COED divisions are true coed which means there can only be a maximum of six players of either gender on the field at any one time (the goalkeeper may be of either gender). A team must play with a minimum of seven players, at least two of each gender, to prevent a forfeit.

Team rosters must have a minimum of 16 registered players by the minimum roster deadline or the team is responsible for the fee for each player short of the requirement. Please note that teams are typically given 6 weeks once registration opens before enforcing the minimum roster size.

Before each season, the league sends out a schedule request to each captain where they list a primary day and backup day which their team can play. Additionally, each team lists two days they cannot play. Two days that work for all teams in a division are then picked and deemed as the division nights for that division. The schedule is then built from those requests. The schedule request also allows captains to list blackout dates (certain dates in which a team can't play... work trips, weddings, events, etc.). (Note: NVASA is assigned permits for fields all over Fairfax County for every night except Saturday.) 

Our Spring season runs March through mid-June and then we take a couple weeks off before starting the Fall season which begins in early August and runs through mid-November.

Premier: NVASA’s most competitive and selective division which best suits players who have played organized soccer for more than 5 years and are in good overall physical condition. Most of the players in this division played in high school and/or college.

Division 1: A transitional division for teams who are either on their way up to the premier division, or are more competitive than those teams in 2nd division. The competition can reach the premier level as teams vie for promotion to the top tier.

Division 2: A division for players of competitive ability. Many players have played high school or college soccer and are looking for a competitive environment built around strong coed teams.

Division 3: A division for competitive players, many of whom may have played soccer as youths or switched to soccer from other sports as adults. While not as competitive as the higher divisions, players should be prepared to have fun and play games at a moderate level.

Division 4: A transitional division, a bridge between those teams/players seeking to advance to the more competitive divisions and those teams that are above the beginner level. While the skill level is moderately competitive, teams/players should be prepared to play at a moderate level of intensity against competent players as well as novices still on the upside of the learning curve.

Division 5: A division designed for purely recreational players. This division is focused on extending the game to less experienced players and to those looking for fun in a less intense game situation.

Masters: A division for the accomplished player that is looking to play with other skilled players yet at a more relaxed (slower) pace. The skill level can be and often is high, but without younger folks to chase round, the high-mileage player can still have the impact they once did in the open divisions. A high amount of playing experience will enhance the Masters player’s enjoyment in this division. (Note: Men must be 35 and women must be 30 years of age during the calendar year in which they play.)