Thank you for your interest in NVASA! Below is some information about our league:

- $95 (All Coed & Men's division) *10 games*
- For each additional team there is a $5 discount

Our COED divisions are true coed which means there is a 6/5 ratio.  In other words, there can only be a maximum of six players of either gender on the field at any one time (the goalkeeper may be of either gender). A team must play with a minimum of seven players, at least two of each gender, to prevent a forfeit.

The female player will notice the difference between the ratios used in other “Co-Ed” leagues and our 6/5 ratio.  Lady players will see the ball much more and are integral to the success of the team at any level. Strong male players will not overshadow the female player in the 6/5 ratio.


Whether registering individually or with the team fee option...

1) Members of NVASA pay $20 dollars once per calendar year (usually in the spring) for a yearly membership with affiliating body Metro DC-Virginia Soccer Association (MDCVSA). This membership covers two seasons (spring and fall) and must be renewed annually.

MDCVSA provides general liability insurance covering the league for up to $2 million in damages which thereby allows us to attract the best referees (many top referees do not work unaffiliated leagues).  MDCVSA supports the state referee program to help us keep recruiting and training quality referees, and provides the ability to play in affiliated tournaments.  Additionally, MDCVSA provides secondary medical insurance to uninsured and under insured players.  If you have other additional questions regarding MDCVSA, please check out their site (http://www.mdcvsasoccer.org).

2) If a player uses a non-Fairfax County address during registration, they will be required to pay $30 per team. Please note that this is a county fee, not a league fee, and all other leagues who use Fairfax County fields require players to pay the same fee.

All members of NVASA who are currently registered for a team are allowed to subtitute up to three (3) times for teams not in a division in which they have registered for or have previously subbed for. These substitutions are free.

Players may purchase a Game Pass for $10 to play with a team for one game. There is no limit to the number of Game Passes a player may purchase.  A player buying a Game Pass must also be registered with MDCVSA.


Team rosters must have a minimum of 16 registered players by the minimum roster deadline or the team is responsible for the fee for each player short of the requirement. Please note that teams are typically given 6 weeks once registration opens before enforcing the minimum roster size.  Player registered at the mid/half-season discount rate count as a half a registrant – in other words, there must be 16 registered players at the full price (though the early bird discount counts a full registration).

Each team selects the nights on which they can play.  Ideally the captain polls the team to determine which nights are best.  Each team submits a request to the league scheduler with at least two nights that are good or “play” nights.  The teams are also asked to make a third night available in case there is a conflict with another divisional team.  Additionally, each can list up to two “no-play” days on which they cannot play. The days on which all teams in a division are available are then by default deemed as the division nights for that division. The schedule is made from these requests. Teams may also request blackout dates on which the team is unavailable to play due to collective work trips, weddings, events, etc…  All requests are subject to the field assignments the league receives from Fairfax County.  We are typically assigned fields throughout the county made available to us on Sunday through Friday nights.

Our Spring season runs March through June 15th by when our spring season must be concluded.   The league resumes again for its fall session in begins in early August and runs through November 30th (though typically we end before the thanksgiving holiday).

Men’s: NVASA is currently the home of the best men’s teams in the area.  The division continues to grow and attract competitive teams.  Amateurs looking to springboard to regional tournaments or even the U.S. Open Cup should consider our league in their preparations.

Division 1: NVASA’s most competitive and selective division which best suits players who have played organized soccer either in high school, college or competitive youth-clubs.

Division 2: A division for players of competitive ability on their way to the top division. Many players have played high school or college soccer and are looking for a competitive environment built around strong coed teams.

Division 3: A division for competitive players, many of whom may have played soccer as youths or switched to soccer from other sports as adults. While not as competitive as the higher divisions, players should be prepared to have fun and play games at a moderate level.

Division 4: A division designed for purely recreational players. This division is focused on extending the game to less experienced players and to those looking for fun in a less intense game situation.

Masters: A division for the accomplished player that is looking to play with other skilled players yet at a more relaxed (slower) pace. The skill level can be and often is high, but without younger folks to chase round, the high-mileage player can still have the impact they once did in the open divisions. A high amount of playing experience will enhance the Masters player’s enjoyment in this division. NOTE: Men must be 35 and women must be 30 years of age during the calendar year in which they play.